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Aer Lingus Airlines Pet Policy  was founded in 1936. Its goal is to provide excellent, cost-effective service to customers. It is a low-cost airline based in Ireland.

Aer Lingus always believes in providing their customers with the best experience. Aer Lingus welcomes passengers with their pets to their favorite destination. Passengers can book their pet seat by calling Aer Lingus staff at +1 (917) 730-3671.

If a passenger has any questions or wants to know more details about the travel guidelines of the pet, they can connect to the Aer Lingus Pet Policy. Aer Lingus staff will guide you the best.

                                           Aer Lingus Airlines Pet Policy

Aer Lingus Airlines Pet Policy allows pets to travel, but certain breeds of pets are restricted for passenger safety. Before planning a trip, you must contact the Aer Lingus Airlines Pet Policy to avoid any inconvenience.

Aer Lingus flies to around 83 destinations. If a pet is entering the UK, it must comply with the UK pet travel scheme; if it is entering Canada, it must comply with the Canadian government.To make your travel hassle-free, you must go through the guidelines for whichever destination you are visiting.

Aer Lingus only allows cats and dogs as pet passengers. They can be transported as checked baggage or as cargo. Pets are not allowed in the cabin section of the aircraft. Only trained dogs are allowed free of charge. Pets that are large are transported to the cargo section of the airline.

Pet Travel Guidelines-

Aer Lingus is a pet-friendly airline. Passengers can travel with their pets by paying additional charges. Additional charges for the pet depend on the pet’s weight, route, and distance traveled. Aer Lingus allows pets to travel only on selected routes. A few of the points that will help passengers make their travel hassle-free and get an idea of the pet travel plan are discussed below.

Pets must not be less than 10 weeks old.

The total weight of the pet and the carrier cannot be more than 64kg.

Only one pet is permitted per carrier.

Pets that have snub noses and other breeds that are aggressive are restricted to travel.

If the temperature is not safe for your pet, Aer Lingus won’t allow your pet onboard.

On Fridays and Saturdays, pets will not be shipped.

Proof of rabies vaccination is a must according to your destination.

The pet container must be well-ventilated, leakproof and must not exceed the size guidelines in dimensions. Should be sturdy enough to prevent escape. 

Aer Lingus believes in customer safety and convenience first. It allows service dogs/ emotional dogs with the disabled passenger at free of cost. Breeds of dogs deemed dangerous must be restrained with a strong chain or leash no longer than two meters in length and a secure muzzle. A person above the age of 16 must be in charge of the service dog. These rules apply to the following breeds – American Pit Bull Terrier, Bull Mastiff and Doberman Pinscher.

During the flight passengers need to take care of the pet. Passenger is responsible for any mishappening with their pet. It is the responsibility of the passenger to feed and get sufficient food for their pets during the journey.

Pets and animals are not permitted on board flights to or from the UK or Europe. It is the obligation of the passenger to make sure they follow the laws of the country they are visiting. The cargo hold will be used to transport all animals. 

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