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Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Policy was established in 1929, making it the tenth-largest commercial airline in the US and somewhat of a niche player in terms of market share. Although it is one of the most well-known airlines in North America, its main objective is to link Hawaii with the rest of the world, particularly Asia, American Samoa, Australia, French Polynesia, Hawaii, New Zealand, and the US mainland. The Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Policy team can be reached at +1 (917) 730-3671 .

Hawaiian Airlines, based in Honolulu, is one of the airlines that has been operating for the longest to various local and foreign locations. The airline gives its customers specific instructions on how to carry bags for both types of destinations. The Hawaiian Airlines baggage policy includes these regulations. The policy and its guidelines contain directions for several sorts of baggage, from checked allowance to carry-ons/personal.

Baggage allowance for checked items on Hawaiian Airlines

The Hawaiian Airlines baggage policy can be used as a guideline for checking luggage. The weight, size, or quantity is observed during the checking. Separate regulations are listed under the luggage policy for each of the three aspects.

                            Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Policy 

Size of a Hawaiian Airlines bag

When the luggage is brought in for check-in, the Hawaiian airline takes size into consideration. There are various sorts of luggage size restrictions set by Hawaiian Airlines. Standard dimensions are included under these restrictions. The airline has previously established the oversized luggage limits and limitations in the event that the standard ones are exceeded.

Dimensions of each type of bag (Maximum)

157 cm/62 inches was measured.

114 cm/45 inches in length.

Travel bag: 114 cm/45 inches

Extra-large 206 cm/80 inches

Limit on Baggage Weight for Hawaiian Airlines

An airline may have serious concerns about aircraft overload. Thus, weight restrictions are set. Hawaiian Airlines’ luggage weight restriction has been outlined as follows in order to address this concern:

– The weight restriction for checked baggage on Hawaiian Airlines varies by cabin class. Baggage weight restrictions for Economy and Premium Economy passengers are 50 pounds or 23 kilogrammes. 

– Visitors travelling in Business Class and First Class can carry luggage weighing up to 70 pounds/32 kilogrammes.

– The weight restriction for cabin luggage is 23 kilos.

– According to Hawaiian Airlines’ policy on carry-on luggage weight, no item may weigh more than 25 pounds.

– Overweight baggage is something which weighs more than 100 lbs., or 45 kg.

You could occasionally be required to pay extra costs when flying with this airline with its headquarters in Honolulu. Checked and extra baggage may be subject to Hawaiian Airlines baggage fees. These costs depend on the domestic and foreign destinations you fly to.

The cost of checked baggage depends on how many bags you bring and where you go. Three baggage are allowed per passenger on this airline. The following Hawaiian Airlines checked luggage costs are available:

If you are traveling to a neighboring island then the first bag will cost you $25 , second bag $35 and the 3+ bags $50 .

If you are traveling to North America then the first bag will cost you $30 , second bag $40 and the 3+ bags $100 .

If you are traveling in First Class then the first bag will cost you nothing , second bag will be free of cost and the 3+ bags $50 for neighbour island , $100 for north america and $150 for international routes .

If you are traveling Internationally then the first bag will cost you nothing , second bag will be free of cost and the 3+ bags $150.

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